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Whether you are a resident of Roxwell, thinking of visiting or looking for a nice place to live, we hope you find something of interest and value here.

Over the coming months, this site will develop to become a valuable resource to the parishioners of Roxwell and any other interested parties, information of forthcoming meetings, agenda’s and the minutes of previous meetings, who your Councillors are, local information and walks throughout the Parish.

The Roxwell Parish Council consists of nine elected members who at present are halfway through their present term of office. It would be nice to think that for the elections to be held in May 2014, there will be more than nine candidates so that a democratic vote elects the council, as the last two elections have been uncontested at the polls.

The Parish Council is a corporate body with a legal existence of its own quite separate from that of its members.  Its decisions are the responsibility of the whole body.  The council has been granted powers by Parliament including the important authority to raise money through taxation (the precept) and a range of powers to spend public money.

Your council is an elected tier of local government, although the last two elections have been uncontested at the polls.  Other tiers, Essex County Council and Chelmsford City Council, have a legal duty to deliver services such as education, town and country planning, environmental health and social services.  Parish councils have the legal power to take action, but they have fewer duties and greater freedom to choose what action to take.  They can play a vital part in representing the interests of the communities they serve, improve the quality of life and the local environment. Furthermore they influence other decision makers and can, in many cases, deliver services to meet local needs. 

The Parish Council meetings commence at 7.30pm on the second Wednesday of every second month, normally in Roxwell Reading Room(see document page for specific dates).  Each meeting opens with a 15 minute democratic session, when parishioners may speak on any matters of interest.  

Any parishioner who has a concern about problems within the parish  should contact either the Clerk or any of the nine Councillors. We cannot always guarantee to have the answers to your queries or the problem may be beyond our control. If this is the case, the matter would be past on to the Chelmsford City Council or the appropriate organisation who is best to deal with it

The best time to contact any of the Roxwell Councillors is during the evenings as the majority are working normal office hours.

3 March, 2018


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