Draft Mineral Local Plan

Tranquillity or Industrial Open Cast Mining! It’s your choice?
Essex County Council continues on a path to destroy a large part of the parish by placing Shellow Cross Mineral Site on the “preferred site” within the Mineral Plan.  To give some perspective, the 105 hectares they wish to remove from the parish green belt is greater than the village itself.  Why bother I hear you cry!  Simple, it’s your community, your environment and your lives being placed in harms way.  It affects everyone of us; from visual enjoyment of the land, to walking and other recreation activities, to travelling along the A1060 to Chelmsford and Rodings and beyond. 
We have a choice; we can continue to argue against a flawed and unjust process i.e. the Mineral Plan or accept industrial scale mining and increased chaos on our roads, for years to come.  Your Parish Council and RRAGE will continue to argue the case against the decision made, however they need your support!

The last consultation starts on the 17th January for six weeks, links to the Mineral Local Plan can be found on the RRAGE and ECC websites.  Failure to act now may mean it’s too late.  We are a community and we choose to live in this environment; some may take it for granted, but it should not be destroyed.  Have your say, raise your voice.

Below the Roxwell Parish Council response to the Draft MLP by ECC

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